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Why Does the House Always Win?
4 reasons why Casinos have the odds in their favour…

… and what does “beat the odds” mean?

Well, it is very common to hear people say that the “casino always wins”, or “the house always wins“.

True. There are many factors that go into helping casinos to be profitable. We are going to show you how to beat the odds in an online casino or in a traditional casino.

But first you need to unederstand why the house always win and because you always loose.

1. A Casino is a business

First of all, consider that a casino is a business and every business in this world has a purpose: to earn money.

A casino is a business like any other, not a charitable organization throwing free money away. A serious company has its business model in place designed to ensure its profitability.

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2. Math is not an opinion

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The “House always wins” because they wisely use math in calculating the probability of a game outcome.

If you consider that every and each single game present in a Casino has a small but higher percentage of probabilities to have a win for the House, when you sum all the games, they have on the long run the “Edge”.

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3. Time works against you

The basic rule for a casino is to make you feel comfortable … that means, for example, offer you a drink or give you a house gift, to convince you to play longer …

Time (i.e. statistics) works from their part: the more you play, the greater the chance of losing.

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4. Psychology Of a Winning Gambler

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Nobody likes to lose. And a player WANTS to win.

And because of this he very often loses control. The Psychology of Gambling has a big impact on a player’s performance. Never let your emotions dominate your game, you have to be in charge!

But This Means That I Can’t Win?

NO! If you know the rules, if you know the game, if you know how to play, you can increase your chances of winning or at least limit your losses. And this would already be a great start.

Follow us on our pages dedicated to table games like Blackjack or Roulette, or on our section dedicated to the explanations of strategies and on the pages of theory: knowledge is everything!

To deepen your understanding of the odds, it is better to start with our study on “The House Edge” because you will find a lot of useful information. So understanding the rules of the main games will be the next natural step and it will be much easier to play right away without losing your hard earned money.

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